Serving You...  for 20 years, with custom discrete component assemblies of diode arrays and diode networks, resistor arrays and resistor networks, capacitor arrays and capacitor networks, RC filter networks, and custom component packs in SIP and DIP configurations. REM supports your effort to deliver timely and cost effective solutions to your customers.


solderless assembly

Solderless Assembly:

REM products are assembled with resistance welding techniques.
Programmable resistance welding provides a precision bonding process
that is quick and reliable. Rapid assembly, excellent quality control,
and process repeatability produce the results our customers are
looking for: low cost, quality parts, and quick delivery. You can
enjoy this same confidence. Contact REM with your requirements today.

Offering Products... with quality discrete components for commercial applications, and JANTX parts for military or aerospace applications. Through-hole mount assemblies in SIP or DIP configurations for faster production, quality control improvement, and replacements for obsolete array and network products. REM offers quick turn service for JIT requirements.

Circuit Applications... including buffer resistor arrays, isolation capacitor arrays, pull-up resistor arrays and pull-down resistor arrays, voltage divider networks, zener voltage clamp arrays, RC filter networks, bypass filter networks, schottky diode and transorb transient suppression arrays, ECL termination arrays and line termination arrays. Arrays are available in commercial component arrays for standard applications, or JANTX component arrays for military or aerospace applications.


sip diode array

SIP Diode Arrays & Diode Networks:
Diode Array or Diode Network assemblies built to order on 0.100" centers. Fast recovery signal level diode networks for signal level noise suppression, schottky diode arrays and transorb arrays for higher voltage and current transient protection, and zener diode arrays for voltage clamps at specific levels. Specialty products include: dual bias array, and bridge rectifier configurations.
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sip capacitor array network

SIP Capacitor Arrays & Capacitor Networks:
Capacitor Array or Capacitor Network assemblies built to order on 0.100" centers. Capacitor networks and arrays save space and assembly time on PC board applications for isolation and bypass filtering applications.
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sip resistor array network


SIP Resistor Arrays & Resistor Networks:
Resistor Array or Network assemblies built to order on 0.100" centers. Resistor Arrays or Networks save PC board space and assembly time on applications for signal buffering, pull-up and pull-down voltages, voltage dividers, and line terminations.
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dip array network

DIP Arrays - Resistor, Diode and Capacitor:
Resistor buffer arrays, capacitor isolation arrays, or diode arrays built to order with 0.100" rows on 0.100" centers. Resistor arrays, capacitor arrays, and diode arrays save PC board space and assembly time on applications for signal buffering, line isolation, line clamping, pull-up and pull-down voltages, voltage dividers, and line terminations. Consider our quick turn resistor arrays, capacitor arrays, or mixed arrays for your burn-in board applications.
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These three keys to supplier performance always measure customer satisfaction, REM offers the highest quality products, when you need them, at competitive prices that make custom parts practical.

Solder less assembly processes are controlled for repeatability, so you get the same consistent quality with every part and every order. With a quality management system focused on continuous improvement, REM is your dependable source for superior discreet products.

REM maintains the lowest price point on all of its discreet component Networks, Arrays and Assemblies, which gives us a competitive edge. Low minimum order quanities to support short run applications without the overhead of a large corporation or complex distribution channels. REM offers you a custom device well below standard distribution prices.

On Time Delivery:
Our Standard delivery lead time is 5 to 10- business ARO. REM parts are manufactered at our Southern California facility, conveniently located in Santa Ana. Samples are generally available immediately and expedited delivery is possible for a modest additional charge. REM also offers a stocking program for JIT customers and welcomes OEM and Distributor inquiries.

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